New exhibition for Riverside

STAFF, students and the general public are exhorted to call into Riverside’s Foyer Gallery during the next eight weeks and have a look at the latest of the Theatre’s ongoing exhibitions of photography.

The exhibition has been produced by Louise Geddis, the Theatre’s box office supervisor. Louise has been in charge of Riverside’s computerised ticket sales for the past ten years, but this exhibition is something of a new departure for her.

Armed with her camera, she has captured a stunning array of scenes from in and around the North Coast of Ireland. These range from views of nature, through to landscapes, snow-covered foliage, swans and seascapes – with crashing waves and gothic backgrounds.

There’s an atmosphere of mystery and suspense surrounding many of the photographs, with colours both intense and subdued, in accordance with her choice of subject matter.

The images of Rathlin, for example, make one realise how hardy the Islanders are – with few trees and none of the usual flora which one would expect to see in a standard, domestic Irish garden.

And particularly effective is the way in which Louise has captured the dramatic effects of the Big Freeze, during December 2010, when the average temperature hereabouts was hovering around minus eleven!

All the exhibits are available for sale with a generous discount offered for multiple purchases.