New grant now available to help local homes convert to natural gas

firmus energy has launched a new grant which will provide qualifying owner occupiers in Coleraine with up to £1300 to convert to a new, efficient natural gas heating system.

The ‘gas conversion grant’, which is funded by the Northern Ireland Executive and firmus energy, is designed to help tackle fuel poverty and allow more people across the province to benefit from a cheaper and more efficient fuel to heat their homes.

firmus energy has pledged to provide a £300 grant to all households wishing to convert to natural gas within their network and the NI Executive will then contribute up to an additional £1000, dependent on income, to owner occupiers with an oil or LPG boiler that is at least 15 years old.

Michael Scott, general manager for firmus energy was in Coleraine today to launch the scheme with the former mayor of Coleraine, Councillor Samuel Cole.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the £300 firmus energy contribution of the grant to anyone wanting to convert to natural gas regardless of their income, their old fuel type, the age of their boiler or whether they own or rent. So everyone will be able to benefit to some degree from this initiative.”

Councillor Sam Cole added: “The cost of heating your home is one of the top concerns for many of the Borough residents and so I welcome any initiative which will help to alleviate fuel poverty and will make it easier for households to budget and stay in control of their energy bills. It is important that householders take steps now to ensure that their home is as energy efficient as possible before our next winter sets in.”