New Headway Causeway for local brain injury sufferers

A valuable new network to support for individuals living with brain injury and their carers is being established in the Coleraine area.

The service is being set up by Headway the brain injury association a carer and service user led support organisation for people living with brain injury, their carers and families.

The group will meet on a regular basis to provide support and information to carers of individuals affected by brain injury fulfilling its mission of improving life after brain injury and was launched at The Sandel Centre, Coleraine

Offering an outlet for carers and individuals with brain injury to meet and share experiences with their peers socially whilst participating in carer led tailored outcome based programme of activities that address some of the social, educational, health and emotional impacts that brain injury can have on carers.

Johny Turnbull from Headway the brain injury association said: “Headway Causeway will provide a valuable support service to those caring for people living with brain injury, and those living with brain injury many of whom will have either just started out on their journey or are several years down the line and need some additional support.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to offer this in the community; the turnout of those on the day highlights the need for additional support in the area.”

A carer in attendance at the event said: “It is great to see additional services being offered in the area to provide social support to myself and my son.

“He has made a great recovery to date through the support of the brain injury team, having a platform of peer and social support will help him and I further giving us the opportunity to meet likeminded people.

“The event has made me realise just how many people in the Coleraine and surrounding areas that are living with brain injury, that in its own is reassurance that were not alone”

Dr Rosemary Macartney, Brain Injury Services Manager, Community Brain Injury Services Northern HSCT said: As we have clients and their families residing in all parts of the Trust we are keen that further Headway services can be developed across the area.

“We are very pleased that Headway is going to provide a service in the Causeway area.”

Headway Causeway can be contacted on 07826 909 110.