New John Lewis to hit our screens and it’s a real tearjerker

The John Lewis Christmas advert for 2015.
The John Lewis Christmas advert for 2015.

It’s that time of the year again when all the Christmas ads start appearing on our television screens.

In recent years the John Lewis advert has been one of the most anticipated, and this year’s offering is no different.

But get the tissues ready because it’s a real tearjerker.

Titled the Man On The Moon, this year’s advert isn’t just a magical tale to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside – it carries a powerful message.

Set to a cover of Oasis’ Half The World Away, by critically acclaimed Norwegian singer Aurora, the retailer’s Christmas advert tells the story of Lily and The Man On The Moon.

Lily spots the Man On The Moon through her telescope and desperately tries to get his attention – but paper aeroplanes and letters addressed to ‘the moon’ don’t work.

But then, a magical package arrives for the Man On The Moon and while we won’t ruin the ending for you, prepare for the waterworks.

The ad carries the strapline ‘Show someone they’re loved this Christmas’ – it’s a simple yet important message from the retail giants who have partnered with Age UK for their Christmas campaign.

They’re aiming to raise awareness of the saddening statistic that one million older people can go up to one month without speaking to a single friend, neighbour, loved one or even stranger.

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“Our Christmas advert is once again all about going the extra mile to give someone the perfect gift. This year though, the story is told in a uniquely creative and engaging way as we see Lily, our heroine, go to great lengths to connect with the Man on the Moon. “We hope it inspires people to find really special gifts for their loved ones and through our partnership with Age UK, raises awareness of the issue of loneliness amongst older people and encourages others to support in any way they can.”

Craig Inglis, Customer Director at John Lewis