New Mayor will use Coleraine chain

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The new Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, Michelle Knight McQuillan, will use the Mayor’s chain from Coleraine Borough Council.

DUP Councillor Mark Fielding proposed the motion during last Thursday night’s meeting.

His proposal attracted support from other Unionist parties.

This historic chain was granted on loan to Coleraine Council in 1929 by the Honourable the Irish Society.

The SDLP abstained and Sinn Fein voted against the proposal.

A DUP spokesman said: “We are delighted the Coleraine Mayor’s chain will be the chain used by all future Mayors of the new Borough, which is being created using the Borough Charter conferred on Coleraine in 1928.

“These are issues of historic significance and it is to be welcomed that ties to our predecessor council are not lost in a time of enormous change in local government.”