New website for expectant mums

THE Northern Trust has launched a new section on the Trust website for expectant mothers to guide them through their pregnancy journey.

This new section of the Trust website aims to help mums-to-be over the weeks and months leading up to the birth, with advice and information.

Every year approximately 4500 babies are born in the Northern Trust. The Trust believes women should have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their care and treatment, in partnership with their healthcare professionals. Antenatal care should be easily accessible and sensitive to the needs of the women, her partner, her family and the local community.

The website provides advice to women if they are planning or thinking about having a baby and then continues to guide them through their own pregnancy journey, from antenatal care, to labour and the postnatal care period.

Bid McKeown, Lead Midwife at the Northern Trust said, “The website is part of the new method of information delivery for expectant mums. As part of this the Trust has also developed two new DVD’s, ‘Tour of the Maternity Units’ and ‘Pain Relief in Labour’. The ‘Tour of the Maternity Units’ replaces the traditional guided tours which were not always accessible to all. The DVDs will be offered to women at their 25 week antenatal community or hospital appointment.

“It is hoped that the information given in this format will help mothers and their partners to identify their needs, stimulate discussion, promote informed choice and facilitate the development of Birth Plans.

“A new model of ‘parentcraft’ services has also been developed in the form of ‘Birth and Babies’ antenatal group. These groups will be facilitated by community midwives in local areas and accessible to all mothers and their partners using the Northern Trust Maternity services.

“We want to inform women about the Northern Trust Maternity Services, so they know what options are open to them locally and by them understanding the pregnancy journey they can be fully involved in decisions about their pregnancy.

“We hope that by developing this new method of information delivery we will inform women about the pregnancy journey that we will help to make their experience an enjoyable one.”