New website launced for domestic abuse

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Police in H District (Ballymena, Ballymoney, Coleraine, Larne and Moyle), have launched new online information pages to help signpost victims of domestic abuse.

The PSNI website ( has been updated with information on domestic abuse and how you can seek help on the H District web pages. To make it easier and safer for victims to browse these pages, PSNI have incorporated a red ‘panic’ button which will take the browser directly out of the page and to an innocuous webpage so that their search cannot be identified. Instructions on how to erase your browsing history have also been included.

Detective Inspector Bob Blemmings, of the District Public Protection Unit, explained: “There is a real commitment to assisting victims, reducing offending and bringing perpetrators to justice. We have been working with our partner agencies to find new ways of helping victims and encouraging people to come forward and seek help.”

Sharon Burnett of Causeway Women’s Aid added: “Domestic Violence and abuse is very difficult for victims to talk about. Fear of consequences from perpetrators, fear of being judged by others and the fear of an unknown future can lock victims in a dangerous and isolated life. Being able to seek out services that will safely guide them through the decisions they make is vital.”