NIE announces major investment in north east network from Coleraine to Kells

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Northern Ireland Electricity this week announced a £2.5million investment programme to upgrade the high voltage electricity network, which runs from Kells to Coleraine.

Nastasha Nicholl, NIE Customer Relations Manager, said the investment is part of NIE’s ongoing programme to improve the security of supply in the area and facilitate the connection of renewable generation.

Natasha said: “NIE has been working closely with the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment and the Utility Regulator to decide on the future investment required in the electricity network to ensure it can absorb increasing levels of renewable generation.

“This programme of work begins on 17th September when we will start to replace 28km of 110kV overhead lines, which are approaching the end of their lifecycle. This is one our main transmission lines, the backbone of the electricity network in the North East and we have been carefully planning the work with SONI, the transmission system operator in Northern Ireland, to ensure the first stage is completed before the end of the year.

“We have written to residents and businesses that may be affected by this work and I would like to thank them for their patience while the work is taking place. We would like to assure our customers in the area that we will do everything possible to ensure minimum disruption when work begins.”

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