No chance of a united Ireland: MP

Gregory Campbell MP.
Gregory Campbell MP.

Gregory Campbell believes a united Ireland is further away than ever.

The East Londonderry MP said that a reunified island wasn’t on the radar.

“I speak to school groups, sixth and upper sixth pupils, in a range of schools on a regular basis and, while there is support in maintained schools for parties that espouse a united Ireland, there is little appetite for it as a desirable goal, ” said the DUP MP.

“More Roman Catholics appear to be content living within the UK.

“If virtually all Protestants and a sizeable number of Roman Catholics support UK membership, the game is over.”

He said it was his impression that, in the Republic of Ireland, there was a satisfaction that we, in Northern Ireland are, to a degree, getting on with devolution’ and they don’t want to interfere.

“Sinn Fein’s tactics in the Republic seem to demonstrate that even they know it simply isn’t a vote winner for them, ” he said.

Mr Campbell also revealed that his decision to stand down as a MLA to focus on his role as MP was a “exceptionally difficult call to make.”

“The two roles are very complementary, but different.

“Having already served twice as a Minister at Stormont, I feel that continuing at Westminster and allowing a replacement at Stormont is the better outcome. “