‘No other party can offer you the same assistance’: DUP’s Bradley

DUP Candidate Maurice Bradley
DUP Candidate Maurice Bradley

DUP East Londonderry candidate Maurice Bradley has claimed thousands of constituents have received help from the DUP during the last Assembly term.

He said: “The DUP constituency Offices in Coleraine, Limavady and Garvagh have given aid and assistance to constituents from all walks of life and will continue to so.

DUP candidate Adrian McQuillan

DUP candidate Adrian McQuillan

“The range of help and assitance freely available is second to none.

“In fact, other political parties running in this election have representatives who also go to the DUP for assistance which is a bit ironic, as those same people are now engaged in anti-DUP propaganda for the expediency of an election,” he said.

Bradley went on highlighting the work by George Robinson and Adrian McQuillan.

“Help in the Limavady area through George, the Garvagh and rural area through Adrian, and Coleraine town through Gregory Campbell. And, if elected I will have an Office in Coleraine also.

George Robinson

George Robinson

“When you add the DUP Councillors to the equasion, no other party contesting this election can offer the assistance that comes from supporting your DUP candidates.

“That is what you get when you vote DUP. Councillors, MLAs and the Constituency MP all working on your behalf.

“With strong leadership from Arlene Foster, the DUP continues to work for the citizens of Northern Ireland on all levels of politics.”

MLA Adrian McQuillan added: “The DUP provide strong leadership and work on the ground.

“Our three offices in the Constituency, Coleraine, Limavady and Garvagh have provided advice on a range of issues such as planning, benefits, sickness, tribunals, and has been a sounding post for bring MInisterial visits to the area.

“Your DUP MLAs have fought hard for the retention of the Causeway Hospital consistently and through our ministers have levered hundreds of thousands of investment into the Causeway Coast and Glens area.

“To continue that work and commitment, we need people to come out and vote for their DUP candidates on May 5.”

MLA George Robinson said: “In the last five years thousands of people have received help in my Limavady constituency office from right across the East Londonderry constituency.

“Thackeray Residential Home was retained by a DUP Health Minister after a strong public campaign which I was proud to have been at the forefront of. I lobbied heavily and held a face to face meeting with management and service users which resulted in securing the majority of town service operations on the Limavady Town bus service, a service that I was instrumental in Initially establishing which brings residents into our town to support our indigenous retail businesses.

The redevelopment of Shackleton in Ballykelly in an area of low economic activity and high unemployment has been a highlight having been the first MLA in East Londonderry to highlight the site for this particular use.

“My office has delivered a range of Housing Executive window and door replacement schemes and successfully lobbied for gas installation projects. I strongly supported the track relay and signal upgrade on the Coleraine to Londonderry rail link and look forward to the introduction of the hourly service as promised. My office has a proven track record of delivery for the people of Limavady and beyond, and I would therefore ask for your support for the DUP in East Londonderry.”