North Coast Police warning over ‘Spiderkids’ climbing roofs

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North Coast PSNI have issued a safety warning over ‘Spiderboys’ reportly climbing roofs in Coleraine and Portstewart.

They were among 82 incidents police dealt with over a busy 24-hour period taking in the Auld Lammas Fair and last day of the summer holidays.

Incidents included domestic, assaults, criminal damage, breach of bail, road traffic collisions, animal welfare and anti-social behaviour.

The latter, according to the PSNI, was youths throwing eggs at houses, plastic bottles at passing vehicles and a number of reports of “the North Coast version of teenage Spiderkids”.

Police stated: “The local Spidermen or Spiderboys were reportly climbing roofs in Coleraine and Portstewart. The risk if these youths fell go with without saying so if you suspect your son or daughter is a Spiderkid please tell them to stop.

“They are risking their own safety and take up valuable Police resources which could be better used to prevent and deter crime in your area.”