NRC students learn how to Be the Boss

NRC students are taking part in the series of workshops across the college to create business Ideas that could improve their local area and at the same time be enterprising and commercially viable.

The Rye Rural Youth Entrepreneurship programme is an innovative programme designed to help young people make a real difference in their community. Funded by the Northern Periphery Programme it aims to assist peripheral and remote communities on the northern margins of Europe to develop the economic, social and environmental potential. Delivered by Advantage NI, the programme helps young people to develop core skills and capabilities for enterprising and employability.

Irvine Abraham, Economic Engagement Manager at NRC explained: “Over one hundred and forty students have taken part in these workshops. The programme which we are involved in links us with students from Finland and the Faroe Islands.

“The students have the opportunity to participate in this series of idea generation workshops introducing the concepts of Entrepreneurship and using Enterprise Skills to inspire young people to realise their Entrepreneurial potential.”