Billy goat goes cross country!


NO kidding - but one Coleraine business had a surprise visitor - on Friday the 13th!

Cross Country Coaches at Ballylintagh Road welcomed an unexpected visitor in the form of a friendly billy goat.

“He had already paid a visit to Aghadowey Food Services and then proceeded down the road to Cross Country Coaches,” Richard and Barbara Telford told the Times.

“He is tawny coloured with 18 inch horns and no identification tag. We have contacted neighbours, the police, local vets, USPCA, the Council and DARD.

“You have heard of passing the buck? This is a case of passing the billy!

“Has anyone mislaid a billy goat? Do you know anyone who keeps goats? Can anyone offer this goat a good home?”

Anyone with information or is interested in taking the goat should contact Cross Country on 028 7086 8989 or email or via their website