When did Christmas decorations go up in the past?

Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations weren't put up until much later in December.

Victorian period would see decorations come out no earlier than the 22nd or 23rd December -- any earlier was thought of as bad luck.

When do other countries put their decorations up?

The First Sunday of Advent in the Christian Church falls on the 3rd December (ends on 24th) this year and like the Norwegians and the Swedes, is seen by some as the right time to get the festivities started.

The USA is also eager to get the Christmas party started and many American families get their tree and decorations up as early as the fourth Thursday of November -- a week before Thanksgiving.

Australians are also keen to get their decorations up early as Christmas trees are normally put up on 01 December.

German households often don’t put up their trees and decorations until Christmas Eve which means fewer brown needles to clean up.

So when should I buy a tree?

Buying your tree too early will result in the tree’s needles dropping early

Advice of The British Christmas Tree Grower’s Association who recommend buying a tree from 01 December onwards