On the horizon

JULY may seem a long way off, but plans for New Horizon 2011 are well underway.

The annual event will take place from July 16 to 22 at the University of Ulster’s Coleraine Campus.

Trevor Morrow will be teaching the Bible Readings during the week.

Trevor, who is a Minister in Dublin, is no stranger to New Horizon, and it’s a privilege to welcome him back for 2011.

Again this year there will be two speakers leading the evening celebrations - Greg Haslam will speak from Saturday through to Monday, while Vaughan Roberts will preach for the remaining nights.

Greg has been Senior Pastor at Westminster Chapel in London since 2002. He has travelled widely as a preacher and conference speaker throughout the UK and overseas. Vaughan has been on the staff of St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford since 1991. He is now a Rector. Vaughan has written a number of books including ‘God’s Big Picture’.

Coleraine man, Ian Hannah will once again lead the worship at the event.

The title of this year’s New Horizon is ‘Unleashing the Truth’. It will encourage those in attendance to think about how God’s word transforms and impacts lives and communities in our world today.

For more details about this year’s event visit www.newhorizon.org.uk or visit the facebook page.