Outreach project aids street people of Zomba

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Two former Coleraine Borough Council members represented the old Council during a recent visit to Malawi.

The Zomba Action Project (ZAP), was set up as a charity in March 2003.

This followed from an initiative taken by Coleraine Borough Council in 2002 to link Coleraine Borough Council and Zomba Municipality, Malawi, Zomba.

UUP Alderman William King, who is a member of the new Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and former Alliance councillor Yvonne Boyle visited Zomba recently.

During the visit, Yvonne developed proposals with Zomba Council staff for a project to help street people.

These are people who are often homeless and maintain themselves mainly through begging.

The project encourages people to return to village life instead of being rootless in the city; it supports children to go back to school; it places adults with small businesses to train as tailors, carpenters, welders and mechanics; it also trains adults as street traders.

The work is now nearing completion and, with a few exceptions, is helping to integrate 39 people into a better way of life, where they have more chance of fending for themselves.

This project was funded by contributions from councillors in Coleraine Borough Council (pre council re-organisation) through the Zomba Action Project at a cost of £7100; the project included outreach work and payment of trainers .

Previous projects funded by voluntary contributions from Coleraine councillors over the past twelve years include a pedestrian bridge, a mother and baby clinic and facilities at Zomba Council’s sports grounds.