‘Palpable sense of shock’ - TUV’s Gaston

Timothy Gaston
Timothy Gaston

A statement was released by TUV Bannside Councillor and Mid and East Antrim Deputy Major Timothy Gaston:

“There is a palpable sense of shock throughout the local community at the death of Archie Tafts. I assure the family of my prayers at this time of deep tragedy.

“Over the Christmas break many of us have had the opportunity to spend more time with family and be reminded of the importance of those connections. This death is therefore all the more devastating.

“The death of anyone comes as a great blow to a family but the age of young Archie Tafts and the suddenness of his passing makes it particularly traumatic.

“I have no doubt that the community will rally round the family at this time of heartbreak.”

Ballymoney Councillor William Blair added:

“I was deeply shocked to learn of the untimely death of this young child. It is a tragic accident which will strike terror into the heart of any parent or grandparent.

“The family and those close to Archie Tafts will be in the prayers of the whole community as they mourn the loss of one so young at this time.”