Panel to look at Councillors’ allowances for new Councils

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A panel is currently reviewing councillors’ remuneration and will advise on the level of allowances appropriate for the new councils when they come into effect in two years time.

Members attending last Tuesday’s Council meeting were told about the panel and advised to put forward their views.

The panel has been asked to make allowances fairly to reflect the roles and responsibilities that councillors will be taking on in the new councils, post re-organisation in April 2015.

Mayor, UUP councillor David Harding told members about the panel, and explained that they were looking at a salary of £15,000 for new councillors with the Mayor or leader, having an allowance of double that.

DUP Alderman Maurice Bradley warned about making a councillor’s role full time, he said: “If it is turned into a full time role, people will be in it for the money and not for the community.”

DUP councillor Mark Fielding agreed saying: “I would ask for caution in these figures.

“Council is never meant to be a full time job.”

The Mayor concluded saying: “The panel wants to get this right so I would urge you all to respond.”