Parkhill highlights need for renal dialysis facility at Causeway

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UKIP’s East Londonderry assembly candidate, Steven Parkhill has called on the Health Minister to provide renal dialysis services at the Causeway Hospital.

Parkhill said “The longstanding need for a renal dialysis facility at the Causeway hospital has long been identified and the issue has been mentioned several times to myself on doorsteps.”

“I firmly believe this must be made a high priority, now and in the next parliamentary term.

“The lives of many patients and their families are being made extremely difficult and strenuous by having to undergo regular trips to Antrim Area Hospital to receive dialysis.”

“If a suitable donor cannot be found, those patients will require regular dialysis for the rest of their lives, it’s unacceptable that they will have to endure what could be an 80+ mile round trip, when we could have our own dialysis unit on our doorstep.

“There is no doubt that there is a great need for the provision of a renal dialysis unit at theCauseway, and I hope it can be delivered sooner rather than later.”