Parking charges held up by members concerns

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A rethink of changes to parking charges at carparks across the Causeway Coast and Glens council is under consideration.

A committee at the new council recently proposed a raft of changes to car parking charges across the Borough, including significant price increases in Coleraine and the complete removal of charges at a car park in Limavady. The changes were before a full meeting of council last week to be confirmed but were held up after a number of councillors expressed concerns.

Councillor William McCandless said: “I discussed this at some length with my colleagues and with constituents, including shopkeepers in Coleraine. Gwyneth McQuiston from the Diamond Centre in Coleraine has also taken the time to discuss these changes with me during the hustings event organised by Causeway Chamber of Commerce. After consultation with all these people, I’m really not happy with what has been proposed here. I propose this should be referred back to the committee because I feel more consultation and opinion should be sought from the Chamber of Commerce and commercial properties in the town to ensure all opinion has been sought.”

Agreeing Councillor Brenda Chivers stated: “I would like to second that. There has been an outcry in Limavady about the change to the £1 for five hours policy. After talking to the Chamber and some of the business owners, I would ask that we allow for more consultation to take place.”

Councillor George Duddy added his backing: “There was a consultation with various people, held in Cloonavin here. I’d like to hear the results of that consultation. Did those who were at that meeting agree to that increase?”

Director of Environmental Services, Aidan McPeake said: “There was a consultation to gauge the feedback from the Chambers of Commerce. Not everyone in the room agreed with the proposed changes but there were those who agreed. Given what we have heard so far I would be happy to go back to carry out further consultation.”

Councillor Duddy replied: “If we were to go with this proposal before us tonight it would mean those who use the carparks in Coleraine are paying for the vast majority of the upkeep of our carparks which is unfair.”