Paul and Nick visit Bushmills tonight

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Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn visit Bushmills tonight in ‘Paul and Nick’s Big Food Trip’ on UTV at 8pm.

The pair Paul sample some local produce and whiskey, inspiring them to prepare an Ulster-Scots brunch with a seared scallops salad, poached salmon and a dessert of berries and Bushmills cream for the local Women’s Institute

Using a griddle handed down from her granny, local woman Jean Thompson shows Paul and Nick how she makes bread on it,

Paul and Nick are somewhat amused by Jean’s way of measuring flour - using a stripey bowl rather than anything scientific. They are also intrigued by a giant turkey feather - what on earth is that used for – tune in to find out.

This week they prepare freshly squeezed vegetable juice and seared scallops salad with ‘scad the beggars’ and rocket.

This brunch style starter has big rustic flavours and the ingredients all belong together with scallops adding sweetness and the oatmeal bringing wholesomeness. For main course the chefs cook poached wild salmon, potato salad with lemon mayo and mushrooms on toast.

Paul and Nick love the simplicity of this dish – it’s a dish that says Ulster and is a special treat.

For dessert – things start to go wrong for Paul in the kitchen but disaster is averted as he prepares his Cranachan-inspired dessert with oats, cream, whiskey and summer berries.

Nick’s verdict; “fabulous, with enough texture and crunch to offset the richness of the whiskey cream and the lovely summer fruits.”

The series continues on Monday night at 8pm and has exclusive videos with the chefs and all the recipes from the series.