People come to Portrush for the beaches; 99% recommend town

Portrush's Station Square. INCR10-127S
Portrush's Station Square. INCR10-127S

Beaches remain the aspect people like most about Portrush and the vast majority of tourists - 99% - would recommend it as a place to visit.

These were just two of the main findings of recently released results from a 2013 public perceptions survey about the seaside resort.

Starting in 2010 Coleraine Borough Council commissioned an annual independent perception survey to measure the effectiveness of the current urban regeneration programme.

The results from the 500 interviews undertaken in the summer 2013 continue to build the trends which illustrate the attitudes of visitors and residents as the regeneration process unfolds.

The survey found that almost two thirds of visitors (64%) come to Portrush at least twice a year and 82% at least once a year.

The thing most disliked about Portrush is a perceived need to modernise the town centre (23%) which has replaced derelict buildings as the main issue in the past.

Shops, more quality accommodation, car parking and expanded harbour/marinafacilities are the aspects that people believe would improve Portrush

The Mayor of Coleraine, Councillor David Harding commented on the results: “The 2013 results validate the progress made in recent years. They also reflect the commitment and investment by Coleraine Borough Council and its partners in the Portrush Regeneration Programme.

“While the resort’s sustainability remains some way off we are firmly on the correct path to ensure Portrush secures its position as the premier tourist resort in Northern Ireland.”

The Chairman of the Portrush Regeneration Group, Mr Richard Eakin added: “These results are very encouraging for the Portrush Regeneration Group and the latest survey reinforces the Group’s commitment in assisting all the stakeholders to establish Portrush as the premier holiday destination in Northern Ireland”

The survey can be see in the Portrush Regeneration section of the Council