People ‘disappointed’ with cancellation of Milk Cup parade: MLA

Adrian McQuillan MLA.
Adrian McQuillan MLA.

DUP MLA Adrian McQuillan says the Milk Cup Committee’s decision to cancel the opening parade on Sunday evening left a lot of people disappointed.

The organising committee took the decision to call off the parade through Coleraine at 5.10pm, less than two hours before it was due to leave The Diamond.

Mr McQuillan said the short notice led to a lot of confusion.

“The late cancellation led to a lot of confusion and disappointment,” said Mr McQuillan.

“I also think it was disrespectful to the band members, many of whom had already started off on the journey to Coleraine.

“It takes a lot of organisation to get a band together, particularly on a Sunday, and they were let down.

“There was also a lot of people who were on the streets of Coleraine waiting for the parade, who hadn’t heard it had been cancelled.

“I understand the committee have to make the decision they feel is right, but to cancel it so late in the day was wrong in my opinion.”