Kids: Scaly fun and fins in Coleraine

Come and join the fun at Pets at Home.
Come and join the fun at Pets at Home.

Did you know that snakes and lizards make up the largest number of different reptiles?

This is just one of the interesting, fun facts that kids can learn about during My Pet Pals Activity Club at Pets at Home in Coleraine this half term.

Pets at Home colleagues will be on hand between February 16-22 to share their knowledge on all things fishy or scaled, teaching children how to care for reptiles and fish responsibly but in a fun and interactive way.

Children taking part will learn about different types of fish and reptiles, as well as receiving valuable information and advice any budding pet owner needs to know before taking on the responsibility of a pet, such as what they eat, how to feed them and how each animal has their own unique needs.

From freshwater and tropical fish, to bearded dragons and leopard geckos, the children of Coleraine will get to meet and greet the ‘stars’ of the workshop.

Stephen Rainey, store manager at Pets at Home said: “Fish and reptiles make extremely rewarding pets, especially for older children. The free workshops are a chance for the pet lovers of Coleraine to engage with our colleagues who will be able to offer tips and advice on pet care, whilst making the workshops fun and interactive.

“To make sure the children get the chance to be as hands-on as possible, they’ll also be given the chance to meet the stars of the workshops.”

After completing the workshops, each child will receive a certificate and sticker, along with a pet promise card where they make their pledge to look after any pet they have according to the five welfare needs. Each child will also get the chance to enter the stores colouring competition.

To find out when My Pet Pals Activity Club will take place at Pets at Home please contact your local store team.