‘Plan of action’ for Easter car cruise

DUP councillor George Duddy. INCR
DUP councillor George Duddy. INCR

The PSNI have a ‘plan of action’ in place for a car cruise event planned for Portrush on Easter Sunday.

The issue was raised at Council’s Environmental Committee last Tuesday night by DUP man George Duddy.

The DUP man asked for an update on the cruise, which has angered some residents and business owners in the area.

At a similar event last year, there were reports of anti social behaviour and traffic tailbacks around the seaside town.

There were also claims that cars were revving outside churches in the Portrush area during the Easter Sunday service.

In an update, Council’s Director of Environmental Services, Aiden McPeak told members that Council had met with groups involved, business owners and the PSNI.

Cars at a cruise event in Portrush in 2014

Cars at a cruise event in Portrush in 2014

“We have made contact with those invovled,” said Mr McPeak.

“We are in a better place than we were last year.”

Mr McPeak said that plans included areas of Lansdowne being ‘cordoned off’ to ensure that no breaches would take place.

Commenting, DUP councillor George Duddy said: “There are still challenges around Easter Sunday church services.

“We don’t want this event to impact on church goers.”

Mr McPeak said that Council would continue to work with organisers on these issues.

He said: “The organisers have been co operative.

“They have linked themselves to a charity this year, so it is more of an event.

“We are making positive strides,” he said.

Reports suggest that around 3,000 car enthusiasts may descent on the town for the event.

But residents and business owners are concerned the event could bottleneck the whole town.

They feel that the event could potentially kill trade on one of the busiest weekends of the year for the town.

We contacted the organisers for a comment, but they declined to make any comment at this stage.

Chief Inspector Mark McClarence said: “Police have been involved in discussions with the organisers of this event, as well as representatives from the council, businesses and other groups in the area. These discussions have been productive and police will continue to communicate with all involved to try and ensure that the event passes off successfully, with any disruption to local residents being kept to a minimum.”