Plan revealed to set up Churchland Community Forum

THE public is being invited to two meetings next week to discuss the issues of importance to residents within the Churchland electoral ward, more commonly known as the Heights and Killowen.

The meetings will be held in the Bertie Peacock Building, West Bann Centre, on Wednesday, May 2 at 7.30pm and in the Rope Walk Community Centre on Thursday, May 3, also at 7.30pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to give a voice to the Heights and Killowen communities on a range of important social, environmental and community issues.

It is anticipated that discussions will include:

* Environmental issues of importance to the local community;

* Community engagement and cohesion within and between groups;

* How to improve communication between groups;

* The work currently being delivered by agencies and organisations for the community;

* Priority areas and issues not yet being addressed by agencies;

* Facilities and services currently available to support the community;

* The need for services and support in certain areas;

* How agencies can communicate more effectively with everyone;

* Safeguarding against duplication and overlap by local groups and agencies;

* Important issues raised in public discussion during the meeting.

* Opportunities to provide a meaningful voice for the whole community.

It’s important to ensure that this meeting is attended by all sections of the Churchland community irrespective of race, creed, political views etc.

Therefore as many local groups and representatives are invited to attend this important meeting as possible.

Once broad agreement is reached on the needs and issues to be addressed a Community Forum will be formed representing a wide range of local groups whose role it will be to meet with statutory agencies and others to discuss their role in terms of making available support to local communities.

The formation of a Churchland Community Forum will give a local voice to the whole community where issues can be raised and addressed in a way that takes into account the needs of the whole Churchland community.

For further information on this consultation event and the proposed establishment of a Churchland Community Forum contact Adrian Logan, Patchwork telephone 028 7034 3245 or email