Plan to name ‘new bridge’ after Queen is dropped

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A motion by an Ulster Unionist councillor to rename Coleraine’s Sandelford Bridge after Queen Elizabeth to mark her 90th birthday has been withdrawn.

Cllr William McCandless had tabled a notice of motion in April which read: “That Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council commemorate the momentous and notable occasion of HM Queen Elizabeth 2nd’s (sic) by renaming the Sandelford Bridge Coleraine in her honour to the Queen Elizabeth 2nd bridge. Queen Elizabeth has been a constant presence in the lives of the citizens of the UK and the Commonwealth and is deserving of our recognition.”

At Tuesday’s meeting of Council’s Policy and resources Committee, Cllr McCandless said that the matter was “still with DRD”. Cllr George Duddy asked what information Cllr McCandless was waiting for from DRD?

Cllr McCandless replied that he was “waiting for further information on the renaming”.

UUP’s Cllr Darryl Wilson proposed a postponement until the information was received but Cllr Duddy pointed out that could only take place by consent of the committee.

A vote was taken on postponing but was lost.

As no consent was given, standing orders dictated that the motion had to be withdrawn.

The town’s first bridge was built in the 1800s with Sandelford Bridge opening in 1975. According to a parliamentary written answer, 13,920 vehicles used Sandelford Bridge eastbound per day in 2007, suggesting daily traffic of somewhere between 26,000 and 30,000 vehicles.

Independent MLA, Claire Sugden, held a public meeting to discuss traffic issues on the Castlerock Road and surrounding area in connection with the new schooling arrangements on the west of the Bann at Coleraine Grammar School last March.

Concerns had been raised by about the increased numbers attending schools in the area. Assembly officials suggested traffic management solutions rather than a third bridge.