Playhouse kids: Where are you now?

Children from the Playhouse Activity Centre. INCR20-147
Children from the Playhouse Activity Centre. INCR20-147

The Leader of a Coleraine playgroup is hoping to get in touch with former pupils.

Anthea Ridley has been the leader at the Playhouse Activity Centre for the past 27 years.

In that time, Anthea and her staff have helped many children prepare for primary school.

Now, Anthea wants to find out where her former pupils are.

The Playhouse Activity Centre first started as a mother and toddler group in what was the Coleraine West Community Centre, 27 years ago.

Anthea explained that parents wanted to have an involvement in their child’s education and so the pre school was formed.

One of the first pupils was Anthea’s daughter Lauren, who now lives in Scotland. “There have been so many children through The Playhouse, I just thought it might be nice to find out where they all are and what they are doing now.

“In some cases children who have been pupils here are now bringing back their own children, but there are many others who have gone off to university and have never come back - it would be nice to know what they are all up to now as adults.”

The bustling playgroup now meets in the new Coleraine West Community Centre with state of the art facilities.

“We have a great set up here now, “ admitted Anthea.

“ We have a great outdoor area, which the children love, it’s a far cry from our former home in the old community centre.”

The pre school have just recently set up their own facebook page - former pupils are asked to get in touch.