Please support Passion For Life!

We’ve all seen the blue banners in Coleraine town centre as you walk past the churches proclaiming, ‘We’ve a Passion for Life!’

What, we may ask though, is the reason for this proclamation?

More than twelve churches in Coleraine, along with Exodus and Scripture Union, have decided to join together in order to share the passion that unites them, with the town.

This passion is for the good news of the gospel, the message of Jesus and the hope found in the Christian faith.

This local project is part of a much wider venture, with churches engaging in similar outreach programmes right across the UK.

The driving force behind such a large-scale project is, simply put, a desire to demonstrate the passion Jesus had for life.

Over the next number of weeks there will be three special events taking place in our town as part of the Passion for Life programme as a build up to a Mission Week in April:

The project’s co-ordinators hope that the public will support the various events.

On Saturday, February 22, ‘Slemish’, a Belfast based traditional folk group will be performing in Coleraine Town Hall.

Tickets are priced £10 for two and can be purchased from Faith Mission Book Shop, Coleraine.

Next month, on Saturday, March 15 ‘One Accord’, a Christian music group will be giving a performance at New Row Presbyterian Church.

No ticket is required fr the performance although donations are welcome on the night.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 25-26 the Saltmine Theatre Company will be putting on a production of ‘Three Witnesses’, a modern retelling of the gospel of Luke, at 1st Coleraine Presbyterian Church.

Again, no tickets are required, but a donation of £10 on the night per person is suggested.

Finally, Mission Week will take place between April 6 and April 13. Hosted at St. Patrick’s Church in the centre of the town, the week will be the centrepiece of the Passion for Life project.

More details will be published closer to that time.

A spokesperson for the project said: “The reason for the blue banners is clear – local churches have, and are desperate to share a passion for Jesus and for life.

“The reason we have seen these banners is because they face the street.

“This desire to be outward facing, following the example of Jesus, is right at the heart of a Passion for Life.

“Some say the church is too inward looking, too self concerned – but these banners are facing outward.”