PM David congratulates our David!


DAVID Cameron has written thanking Coleraine’s Caring Caretaker for his efforts during the Prime Minister’s recent visit to Coleraine.

Caring Caretaker Davy Boyle was delighted when the PM’s staff, who were in Coleraine Town Hall during a ‘recce’ before the official visit, noticed the many certificates of appreciation he has been given by the scores of charities he has helped over the years.

They then decided that their David would love to meet our David!

The visit to Coleraine Town Hall was such a success that David Cameron wrote to Coleraine Council thanking them and mentioned Davy by name.

The letter said: “I am writing to thank you for hosting the wonderful reception I recently attended at Coleraine Town Hall to celebrate the Olympics and sport in Northern Ireland.

“It was truly inspiring to meet so many young sportsmen and women from the local area and so many of Northern Ireland’s torch bearers, all of whom had such interesting stories to tell about their leg of the relay.”

Mr Cameron thanked the entire team from Coleraine Council for the “effort they put into organising this event” especially Davy Boyle.

The Prime Minister also thanked Council’s Head of Performance, David Jackson and PR manager, Tara Cunningham.