Police issue safety advice about quads and scramblers issues

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SCRAMBLERS and quads will feature on some Santa lists this year and in anticipation of excited children wanting to get motoring on Christmas morning, police are providing information to parents on the law around scramblers, go-peds, buzz boards and quads.

Police say that it is illegal to use scramblers, go-peds, buzz boards or Qqads on roads , footpaths or green areas.

You will need the following if riding on a road - a driving licence, third party insurance, number plates, tax, appropriate lights and markings.

You must also comply with all Construction and Use Regulations.

If your child is riding on private property, you must have the permission of the owner.

Scramblers, go-peds, buzz boards or quads are powerful machines which can kill or seriously injure if they are used without safety equipment or without due care and attention. The rider or their parents can be liable for any injury caused to other people.

Safety equipment such as helmets, safety clothing, gloves and protective footwear are essential in keeping children safe.