Police issue shocking picture involved in Coleraine crash

editorial image

Police on the North Coast have released this image to highlight important road safety advice.

The image, on the PSNI North Cost facebook page reminds drivers about their speed and the consequences of using a mobile phone at the wheel.

The post, by Sergeant Robert Ennis, said: “This used to be a brand new Ford Focus car, not that you’d think it now.

“It recently ended up like this on the Coleraine to Limavady mountain road.

“Please take a second...imagine being involved in this?

“It happens almost every day on our roads. Is that phone call or text really that important?

“A few extra mph doesn’t actually make that much difference to when you arrive. An extra check to see if the road is clear takes seconds, please remember motorcyclists are much smaller and harder to see

“If you are involved in a serious rtc, we will seize your phone and check what was in use prior to the incident. It’s not only the police you have to watch out for, we get many reports from members of the public of careless and dangerous driving which can end up before the courts, especially when the latest HD dash cams are used as evidence.”

The officer thanked the family involved for releasing the picture. The incident is still part of an ongoing police investigation.