Police make appeal in bid to ease tensions

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Coleraine police are asking people to play their part in easing tensions in Coleraine following disorder on Tuesday night and the arrest of eight people

Inspector Ian Armour said:”I am asking people to play their individual and collective roles in helping police to keep communities safe across the summer months.

“Last Tuesday night was a tense time in certain parts of Coleraine and police took a proactive policing approach.

“More arrests arising from the disorder on Tuesday night are expected to follow. Police have also increased patrols throughout Coleraine to help keep people safe.

“The proactive approach will continue and the law will be enforced in a robust manner. I ask that people use common sense and make decisions that benefit all communities within Coleraine. That means respecting communities and cultures that are different from your own. Police are working hard to keep communities safe but we can only this with the backing of the public.

Inspector Armour concluded: “Finally, please be aware that the consumption of alcohol in public places will not tolerated by police. There is a choice to be made between acting in a manner that benefits the community at large or behaving in a way that lands you before the courts. I hope that people make the right choice.”