Police make road safety appeal

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With many people set to enjoy the long summer evenings, Police are appealing to all road users to exercise caution when out on the roads.

Every year across Northern Ireland, drinking and driving kills, maims and wrecks families.

Police will not tolerate people who insist on driving after having taken drugs or drink.

Sergeant McMaster, Neighbourhood Sergeant said - “Think about the consequences to yourself and your family of being involved in a serious collision. How would you feel if your selfish actions resulted in you or one of your family being paralysed? How would you feel if some innocent person was killed?

“Drink and drive and at best, you are likely to be caught, arrested and brought before the courts. You will almost certainly lose your licence for one or more years, will be fined, and will have great difficulty in obtaining car insurance in the future. You also risk losing your job or going to jail.

“We are appealing for everyone to stay safe on the roads. Everyone has the responsibility to wear a seatbelt, reduce their speed, take greater care and attention, and never, ever, drink and drive.”