Police say they have been effective in tackling crime

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We contacted the PSNI for a comment on the protest.

In a statement the PSNI said they “recognised the ongoing challenges” in tackling crime and antisocial behaviour in Coleraine.

The statement read: “ Police respect the local community and locally elected politicians’ views on policing and indeed welcome the opportunity to have those conversations in order to better explain the work that Police are involved in to make Coleraine safer.

“Some of this work is visible however much of it in relation to serious criminality is not.

“The policing service provided to the local community in Coleraine has achieved real reductions in crime and anti social behaviour over a number of years.

“The last four years have seen crime in the Coleraine area decrease by 916 crimes (20% decrease), criminal damage fall by 347 crimes (36% decrease) whilst violent crime resulting in injury has reduced by 156 crimes (21% decrease).

“Anti social behaviour has reduced by 1970 incidents (a fall of 21%). This is due to effective policing with the local community and this partnership is the key to continuing this success.

“Police recognise the ongoing challenges in tackling crime and anti social behaviour in Coleraine and are determined to respond robustly within the law to those who not only break the law but who blight the quality of life for those in their community.

“Coleraine has a dedicated Reducing Offending Team who on a day to basis focus on the most prolific offenders to ensure they are brought to book for their crimes and also where possible diverted from further offending.

“his approach has now been replicated throughout Northern Ireland.

“We will continue to meet with local politicians and the local community to ensure we effectively tackle the public perceptions and fear of crime as well as the reality of crime which, as noted above, has seen significant reductions over the last number of years. “