Police to investigate Facebook page

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Police have confirmed that they will be contacting Facebook users as they investigate ‘vile and disturbing’ posts on a Coleraine page.

In last week’s Coleraine Times we reported that police had reported the page - ‘Buy, Swap and Sell in the Coleraine area’ to Facebook after they had been contacted by users who were concerned about the content on the site.

Last Tuesday night Facebook removed the page.

Facebook users operating under false identities targeted the site posting unsavory pictures and comments. One of the images posted was of a dead baby. The ‘trolls’ also used pictures from group members making comments about them.

Last Tuesday night, the site was closed down by Facebook.

In a statement this week, police have said that they are investigating the ‘vile and disturbing’ posts.

They also warned Facebook users to check their privacy settings to ensure that personal details remained private.

“We would like to thank the public for their continued assistance in this matter,” said the post on the PSNI North Coast Facebook page.

“We will be contacting some of you directly for help in our investigation, but we do not have the capacity to contact everyone involved.

“Can I just remind everyone to check their privacy settings to ensure their personal details and pictures cannot be ‘stolen’ by anyone else.