Coleraine Council candidates finalised...

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THE confirmed list of candiates standing in the Coleraine Borough Council elections is as follows:

BANN: Ciaran Archibald (SF), Sam Cole (DUP), Elizabeth Collins (TUV), Richard Holmes (UUP), William King (UUP), Roisin Loftus (SDLP), Charlie McConaghy (All), Adrian McQuillan (DUP), Eamon Mullan (SDLP), Angela Torrens (DUP), Rosemary Torrens (UUP).

COLERAINE CENTRAL: David Barbour (UUP), George Udddy (DUP), Stephanie Kelly (SF), Nigel Macauley (UUP), William McCandless (DUP), David McClarty (Ind), James McClure (DUP), Gerry McLaughlin (SDLP), Sebastian Pierzchalski (SDLP), Graham Scobie (All), Russell Watton (Ind).

COLERAINE EAST: Yvonne Boyle (All), Maurice Bradley (DUP), William Creelman (DUP), Phyllis Fielding (DUP), David Harding (UUP), Robert McPherson (UUP), Teresa Young (SDLP).

SKERRIES: Christine Alexander (Ind), James Davies (Ind), Mark Fielding (DUP), Barney Fitzpatrick (All), Sandy Gilkinson (DUP), Maura Hickey (SDLP), Norman Hillis (UUP), Noel Kennedy (Ind), Lesley Macaulay (UUP), Christopher O’Neill (SF), Adrian Parke (UKIP), Michael Wiggins (TUV).