Dallat hits back at Cole over Kilrea comments

MLA John Dallat has hit back at a DUP councillor in a row over sectarianism in Kilrea.

Mr Dallat was responding to comments by Cllr Sam Cole over flags and vandalism of a church in Kilrea over the Twelfth period.

“I have neither the time nor the desire to respond to the ranting and raving of Councillor Sam Cole who appears to be totally out of touch with reality even with his own party,” said Mr Dallat.

“He should wise up and make a serious attempt to enter the real world where people in both Kilrea and Garvagh are striving to earn a living, improve the environment and kill off sectarianism in all its ugly guises.

“For the record the people of Kilrea, Catholic and Protestant, and people of no faith are working tirelessly to achieve a sustainable environment where everyone can be comfortable and feel part of the local community.

“We are winning and I feel privileged to be part of that process as is my party colleague Councillor Roisin Loftus who was recently elected chairperson of the Kilrea Community Forum.

“Sadly Councillor Cole is sitting at home on his word-processor churning out the same clapped-out rigmarole of nonsense which bears no resemblance to reality.

“Over the next few weeks the Community Forum under the chairmanship of Councillor Loftus will put together a package of proposals which will set out to achieve the kind of village renewal which everyone can identify with.

“The only question asked is why Councillor Cole is setting out to undermine the good work being done and the example set that other towns and villages could emulate?

“St Patrick’s Church holds a special place in the life of all the people of Kilrea. They utterly condemn those who broke windows in the church but attempts by Councillor Cole to link that wanton and unacceptable vandalism to any kind of organised bigotry is unfair, untrue and grossly offensive to the Catholic community.”

who have the utmost respect for the clergy and congregation of that church.

“Sadly in every town and village there is one or two who revel in destroying property,” he concluded.