Poll shows Coleraine wants border poll

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An online poll has shown that just over 69% of people in Coleraine believe that there should be a border poll.

A Belfast Telegraph poll found that of 438 votes cast 303 said there should be a border poll with 135 against.

Towns and cities from across Northern Ireland - from Belfast to Derry and Armagh to Dungannon took part. Thousands also took part from London, Dublin, Glasgow, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

At the last count 47,540 votes were cast with 74% saying there should be a border poll.

And on the second question of what way Coleraine people would vote if there was a poll 235 opted for a united Ireland with 135 saying there should be no change.

In total of those polled 70% opted for a united Ireland.

The newspaper reported: “Interestingly not as many voted in favour of a united Ireland as want a border poll. Indicating possibly that some want the questioned settled rather than a change to the current set up. However, not all who voted on the first question answered the second.

Bill White, managing director of Belfast polling and market research company LucidTalk, told the paper that such polls need to be seen for what they are - just a bit of fun.

He said: “This is a selective poll in that people are asked to take part and they do. There is no way of knowing their background; their jobs, ages, or communities. So you can’t say much other than a lot of people voted and this is the way they voted.”