Poppy sellers dance at Portstewart RBL

THE annual Poppy Sellers and Helpers Supper Dance was held at Portstewart RBL Clubroom on Saturday.

The branch chairman, Guy McLaughlin, opened the proceedings with the exhortation and welcomed everyone.

Then cups, certificates of appreciation and badges for consistent support of the appeal were presented to collectors for various fundraising efforts.

The members and all present were asked to spare a thought for Club President Thomas Woodburn and Women’s Section President Noreen Thompson, neither of whom were able to attend due to ill health.

The Traders Cup for 2011 was presented to HE Wilson of Portstewart.

The Poppy Appeal Organiser, Mrs Cathy Loughrey, thanked all the collectors, traders of Portstewart and the general public who helped to make it another successful year.

The present total for 2011/12 stands at £11,095.10 and it is hoped that last year’s total of £15,000 can be attained again.

Portstewart branch President, Allan Anderson, congratulated the members of the branch, Women’s Section and Club members for their support in making this another successful Poppy Appeal.