Portrush fence talks with Minister

THE Environment Minister, Alex Attwood, is to meet a delegation from Coleraine Council to discuss the issue of the Kiddieland fence in Portrush.

Coleraine Council had asked the Minister to intervene in the row over the fence which surrounds the amusement arcade in the midst of Portrush’s major refurbishment scheme.

Chief Executive of Coleraine Council, Roger Wilson, wrote to the Minister in January on the issue.

The Environment Minister then asked the Social Development Minister (Nelson McCausland) to consider replacing the fence at Kiddieland as part of the current environmental improvements at Station Square.

“Unfortunately due to a number of practical problems, Minister McCausland’s Department is unable to include a replacement fence,” said Minister Attwood.

“In a further effort at achieving a solution, I would be happy to convene a meeting to explore alternative design solutions.

“This would also provide an opportunity to review the regeneration issues concerning Portrush...I believe it is clear that, given how this situation arise, DoE is currently making particular efforts to resolve this issue,” he added.