Portrush’s Station Square plans take a step forward

THE improvement scheme at Station Square in Portrush has taken another step forward.

At Tuesday’s meeting of Coleraine Borough Council, it was agreed to hold a special meeting to move on with the tendering process for the area.

In May, Coleraine Council received a letter of offer from the DSD offering £1 million to match a similar financial commitment from Council for the Station Square project.

Council now need to consider a tender report on the scheme in order to allow the work to progress on time.

Councillors were also told that the tender report needs to be discussed urgently because delaying it would mean that the contractor would be unlikely to be able to complete the required sections of work in time for the summer season of 2012.

It was suggested that councillors meet at the beginning of September to discuss the tender report as leaving it until later in the month would result in the contractor losing “three valuable weeks of construction time during summer/autumn which could translate into a much greater time loss due to mid-winter weather”.

Councillors were also informed that, if they agreed to consider the tender report at the beginning of September, the successful contractor could begin pre-contract preparations the very next day.

Cllr Christine Alexander proposed that Council meet on September 6th, immediately after a scheduled Leisure and Environment meeting, to discuss the Tender report.

Cllr Norman Hillis agreed, saying that “things are moving in the right direction in Portrush”.

This was agreed unanimously.