Portstewart coffee morning in aid of Ebola virus victims in Uganda

A PORTSTEWART woman is seeking your help and support in tackling a crisis in a community in Uganda that needs an urgent response.

Attracta Walsh told the Times: “I recently received a very disturbing e-mail from a colleague, John Alibankoha, who is director of a rural community development organisation in the Kibaale region of Uganda.

“John tells me that the outbreak of Ebola fever in the area has devastated several families in his neighbourhood. People have fled to his organisation for refuge putting workers and volunteers at risk of infection.

“Around 20 people have died and there are many other suspected cases of infection. One family lost nine members in a week, many of whom were the breadwinners. There has been panic and huge disruption to people’s lives.

“The most urgent need is for protective gloves, masks, disinfectant and cleaning materials. However when the immediate crisis is over people will face tremendous problems, not only of coping psychologically with bereavement and the trauma, but also the loss of their materials possessions and displacement from home.

“People’s clothes and bedding had to be burned to prevent the spread of the virus so many are left now with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. In the near future widows and orphans will struggle to pay medical bills and school fees.

Attracta plans to host a fund-raising Coffee Morning this Saturday 1st September and from 10am to 2pm.

Big Telly Theatre Company have very kindly given the use of their premises on the Promenade - known as ‘The Box’ (the former First Trust Bank.)

You can help by simply coming along to the event, enjoying coffee/tea and delicious cakes/scones, learning about the crisis and the valuable development work of RUPAD - Rural People in Action for Development and other development organisations, and making whatever monetary donation you can to the emergency fund. There will also be some books and bric-a-brac for sale.

Attracta guarantees that any cash raised will go direct to RUPAD in Uganda, there is no middle man, no admin costs, no government agencies to go through.