Portstewart Community Audit - it’s time to express your views

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The responses to the Portstewart Community Audit launched acouple of weeks ago have been rolling in.

Residents of the town have been using the leaflet to express various wishes from more activities for young people and cross community activities for

families to the provision of a community bank and a greater policing presence.

Loneliness and traffic management/ calming are two of the topics generating quite a bit of interest in the audits that have been returned so far.

However complaints have been made that people have not received copies of the audit. Every household should have had one delivered through the post a couple of weeks ago. It would appear that at least some of the audits were delivered inside leaflets and may well have been thrown out as junk mail. Anyone who has not already received a form can have one delivered by leaving contact details at Mullan’s Fashions on the Promenade.

The return date for the audit is extended to Saturday 18 July, so get the form, fill it in and help get what locals feel is needed for Portstewart.