Praise for Royal Artillery Coleraine branch

THE Coleraine Branch of the Royal Artillery Association held their annual Christmas dinner in the Magherabuoy House Hotel.

Ian Vere Nicoll, the general secretary of the Royal Artillery Association, and secretary of the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund attended the dinner.

The Royal Artillery charities have been in existence for over 170 years, and have seen many changes in that time.

Today, the charities provide a network of support to serving and retired members of the Royal Artillery and their dependents. They promote comradeship and welfare by providing opportunities for Gunners to meet and have fun and by looking out for those who fall on hard times.

Ian paid tribute to the Coleraine branch: “Branches such as Coleraine play a key role in welfare and indeed most braches still have welfare officers.

“It was always the branches who sought out those in need and informed the Gunner Welfare Charities.

“Comradeship is still a vital part of the regimental family. The Royal Artillery Association is at the heart of the retired regiment and very supportive of the serving regiment,” said Ian.