Public meeting for Mountsandel project this week

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Coleraine Rotary Club will this week begin a series of events to raise local awareness of the incredible history of Mountsandel.

The first of these will be a Public Meeting in Coleraine Rugby Club on Wednesday, February 17 from 7.30pm.

The special guest will be Professor Peter Woodman. Emirtius Professor of the University of Ulster, Cork, who, with a team of archaeologists in the 1970s, uncovered evidence at Mountsandel of a Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age settlement dating back to 7600-7900BC.

The public is being invited along to hear this fascinating story and learn more how to get involved with the Rotary campaign.

The project hopes to ignite the public’s interest inMountandel’s unique place in our history.

Rotary is campaigning for UNESCO recognition of Mountsandel as a World Heritage Site and the development of a Visitors Interpretative Centre in Coleraine. The awareness campaign will work alongside schools and the community to promote knowledge, interest and pride in Mountsandel - the earliest settlement in the island.