Question time for MLA’ school!

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LOCAL MLAs David McClarty and John Dallat joined Killowen Primary School and St John’s Primary School in a question and answer session to help year seven pupils explore politics and debate about the Milk Cup.

Killowen and St John’s primary Schools regularly join forces to work on different projects.

The two schools recently came together to weigh up the pros and cons of hosting the Milk Cup in Coleraine. The aim of the project is to develop skills of an open discussion which include listening, consideration and compromise.

David McClarty said: “Killowen and St John’s have long had a great working relationship, which is a valuable lesson for us all.

“I am delighted to be invited to participate in events which encourage young people to discuss politics and promote healthy debate.

“Primary school age is great time to introduce politics because it is something that will always be part of their day to day lives and it is important to familiarise these skills now. The children I met are very bright and I am more than encouraged for their future.”