Quigley full of praise for West Bann

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SDLP Councillor Stephanie Quigley has congratulated West Bann Development on their success in obtaining a grant of £13,480 from the Asda Foundation towards the installation of a lift in their premises.

“West Bann Development are tacking key social issues in our community,” said the SDLP Coleraine councillor.

“ Their Early Years and Community Education Programmes are making significant contributions to addressing issues of inequality in our community and the installation of this lift, made possible by the Asda Foundation, will provide greater access to people with disabilities.

“The savage cutbacks in money coming from the Assembly has impacted disproportionately on disadvantaged communities where education is absolutely critical to breaking the mould of social inequality. West Bann Development is playing a key role in this.

“I would encourage all community groups to contact our local community network (CRUN) and seek help in applying for funding from private sources such as the Asda Foundation, Lidl and others who may be able to help fund critical needs which will benefit the most disadvantaged in our society.”