‘Raw and edgy’ singer Thomas set for debut album release

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A musician from Castlerock says he is “hugely excited” to be releasing his debut single, with an album to follow early next year.

Wednesday will be a very special day for Thomas Dreyfus, the pseudonym of Castlerock-raised musician, Mark Wilson.

For that’s when the title track of his first album ‘Nick Will Cave My Head In’ will be available as a free single download via his website: www.thomasdreyfus.com

The 31-year-old has recently finished putting the finishing touches to the album, which was recorded between late 2013 and the summer of 2014 in Belfast’s Graham House Studios.

He talks jubilantly of having completed the album and the prospect of releasing original material, which had been, until now, an unrealised dream of his for quite some years.”

“I’ve been playing and writing music since I was a teenager,” he told The Coleraine Times exclusively this week.

“But it has been mostly done from behind closed doors, so it’s hugely exciting for me to be on the verge of putting out my first single, with the forthcoming album to follow early next year.”

He adds: “I’m finally ‘coming out’ as a musical artist!”

Talking about his musical style, he explained: “The album is a mixture of raw, edgy acoustic-and-drum tracks, with folk-esque finger picking songs on classical guitar acting as a counterpoint to that.

“Stylistically, there is a balance struck between folk-esque songs, edgy and alternative influenced sections and some lighter moments.”