‘Reassembled Slightly Askew’

live music background''"Entertainment''Nights Out ''Concert''Music
live music background''"Entertainment''Nights Out ''Concert''Music

Reassembled, Slightly Askew: a mind-blowing autobiographical performance piece is coming to Portstewart.

The audio based performance will be in Flowerfield from May 18-22.

In 2008 artist Shannon Yee became critically ill with a very rare brain infection which led to several lifesaving surgeries and years of rehabilitation.

As part of her recovery Shannon conceived the idea of sharing the story with NI audiences, and doing so in a pioneering way with her neurosurgeon, head injury nurse, and local artists in sound, drama, and choreography.

Her collaboration will feature Paul Stapleton, Anna Newell, Hanna Slättne and Stevie Prickett.

The result of this partnership is a ground breaking theatrical experience.

Shannon says, “Little did I think all those years ago when I was lying the acute Neurosurgery Ward at the Royal Victoria Hospital that I would be creating an artwork that would take audiences into a hospital bed, and my head, to share the challenges and triumphs of my deeply personal story of my acquired brain injury. It is a story of terror, discovery, humour, but above all, hope.”

To book in advance call Flowerfield on 028 703 1400 or e mail info@flowerfield.org